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Pete Jefferson

About Me (and GoGrowGarden)

Hi all, my name is Pete Jefferson and I have been a massive garden enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a small farm and we had a huge back garden where I could always be found as a kid, playing in the dirt, planting new things and generally having an absolute ball – vastly different to how todays kids grow up!
Anyway now I have a big garden of my own (although not as big as the one I grew up in), and you can still find me out there playing in the dirt.
I have a passion for growing things to put on the table so I have a pretty decent size vegie patch and a small orchard but I also love to grow plants just for their sheer beauty.
In case you haven’t already guessed, I am a professional Gardener and rain, hail, sun or snow, I help people keep their gardens beautiful all year round and consider myself very blessed to be able to do this work. 
My partner, Tom, also helps out in our garden but he is more of a fair weather gardener so mostly it’s just me.
I started this website to share my knowledge because I am always getting asked gardening questions as you can imagine! Most of these articles are written by me but some are by my fellow gardening enthusiasts that I have connected with over the years and they know their stuff.
Anyway, that’s enough of an introduction from me and I really hope and trust that you gain value from the site and if you ever need to know something that is not in an article on the site (gardening related of course) then drop me a line here.
Happy gardening.
Pete 🙂 
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